Friday, February 17, 2012

Linked 52 {Quiet}

She woke up with the flu.
Her cheeks were flushed.
Her body warm with fever.
Her whimpering near broke my heart.
We spent the entire day like this.
She fell asleep on me.
And I held her little body close to mine.
Just like I did those first few weeks of her little life.
Chest to chest.
I held her.
And though I hoped she'd get better soon.
I also savored those snuggles.
She's in the crazy "need-to-move" stage.
Crawling around. Taking her first wobbly tentative steps.
Holding her like this was a bit of a gift.
Hearing her deep breaths.
Feeling her heartbeat next to mine.
Just us.

Sweet sunshine. Mommy loves you so.

These images were taken with the self timer on my camera.
And though this second one is kinda at a crazy angle and completely out of focus I can't help but be drawn in. 
The softness reminds me of how it felt to hold her.
Does that make any sense at all? Ha!

*This year I am participating in a year long Photography Challenge. Each week we will link up and share our interpretation of a different theme. Please check out the other lovely ladies playing along :)


  1. Poor little peanut, hope she's feeling better. And yea for looking at the bright side of things when you get all those cuddles. Love both of them but I'm with you, I just love that second one.

  2. Oh sweetness. I hope your peanut is feeling better. Seems like everyone I know has been sick lately. :-(

    And I love both so much that you took one of her WITH you. But I just ADORE that second one. I have a thing for OOF photos. I think it's because of their mystery and softness. What a beautiful snapshot of you and your baby girl.

  3. Oh, poor peanut. No fun. Hope she's feeling better. The snuggles are great though, aren't they? They are few and far between here with a busy boy! Although I do get some snuggles with the baby. ANyways, love these shots. They are precious. I LOVE the last blurry shots!

  4. Oh they are so sweet when they are sick...even though it's heartbreaking. I hope she is feeling better. It's so hard to see them sick.
    I love the first one because YOU are in it. And I love to see the person behind the lens. But I also love the second one because of the soft quality of that blur.
    Both are quite lovely. :-)

  5. Love these - especially how she's looking at the camera in the first one. How sweet to spend an entire day like that.

  6. I love that first image...adore the second! Beautiful shots. I love those images of me holding my babies. :)

  7. awww - poor sweetie :( It's so hard when they are sick.

    Both images are so in the moment but I too love the blur.

    Hope she feels better soon!

  8. That second one is lovely.
    I understand about the cuddling when they're sick. As strange as that is, I was always a little sad when they started to feel better.
    I hope she gets better soon.

  9. i love the tenderness in these!!!!!!!!

  10. Oh feel better! Being sick is no fun, but you captured it with such softness and warmth---great take on body parts!

  11. oh, i love these. that last one is just perfect, blur and all. beautiful photos, sara.



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